Michael Lynn followup

ahhh Toms Networking has already put up a brief on the aforementioned presentation here.


Standing on Principals

This is pretty amazing... Michael Lynn of Cisco quit because they told him not to do a presentation on vulnerabilities; then went and did it at the Black Hat conference anyway. Follow this link to the blog of Greg Walton for a better telling of the tale.


Mandatory reading for new users

I'd never actually read it before now rfc 2504 ; but it really is a nice concise end-user security guide.


Some good security interviews

These were just slashdotted today but make for some good reading. The first is an interview with Dan Kaminsky at Security focus with some MS insight and the other is an interview with Richard Thieme at Whitedust Security.
I've never read "Islands In The Clickstream" but it sounds pretty good.

Here's a link to the actual /. post


Insecure's 75 top security tools

Like the title says; Insecure.org's top seventy five security tools. All the usual suspects (Nmap, Nessus, Ethereal, Snort, etc.) plus some nice ones that never came up on my radar before. Though Yl33tMMV

PS: Actually when I submitted it to Digg I noticed it had already subbed on this cool link to 99 Free SEO Tools .



I've been using their main RSS feed for a while now without ever realizing you can RSS based on tags. It's beautiful, for example in Firefox to keep ontop of Cisco stuff; merely goto:


-Look down in the bottom right and left-click on the little rss icon

-select Subscribe to 'RSS'...

-make the name what you want

-on the bottom dropdown select your "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder"

Voila! you now have a really handy way to track Cisco happenings.