Zen Neeon ships with W32.Wullik.B@MM Worm!

This is just too funny.

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Is Perl fast becoming fading language?

Interesting read about why perl seems to be stagnating.

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Really Useful Computer Security / Hacking Site.

The layout is almost as busy as Homers first webpage and the name is almost as long but that aside; it's a really dense security site with boatloads of good links and news.

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War Driving

Good site; dedicated to.... you guessed it; War Driving.

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How the FBI Investigates Computer Crime

This is a good read I found on the CERT site. Until now, I didn't even know the FBI maintained an Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3)!

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Hacking the US Postal Service

Testing the boundries of snailmail. Some of these are amazing.. I like that the wrapped brick was delivered as a pulverized brick courtesy of the DEA.. you'd think they'd owe you a brick.

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Hacking tools and tutorials

This is a pretty good collection. Lots of the usual suspects plus a few I hadn't seen before.

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Despair has the dopest successories

I like the Meetings "Because none of us is as dumb as all of us." one the most.

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Really useful tool for hunting down suspicious tasks in Windows

Very comprehensive list! At the least it's great for ID'ing spyware, virii and worms on infested machines.

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Handy disposable email addresses

This is a great service when you need an emailed response but don't want to give your real mail address to spammers, etc.

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RFID Kills!!!

This article makes some good points. e.g. "Americans have enough things to worry about when traveling overseas: having an electronic bulls-eye on our backs shouldn't be one of them."

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Canada To Introduce Big Brother Rules

Canada's Justice Minister today announced plans to introduce new "lawful access" legislation next month. The proposed law will require ISPs to install new surveillance capabilities and give law enforcement the right to demand personal information without a warrant.

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Why the RIAA Keeps Getting Hacked

On Monday, the RIAA site was hacked for the sixth time in six months.The Recording Industry Association of America may not want people to share digital files, but the organization certainly seems to be in favor of open access to its website.

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Huge List of Default WiFi Router Passwords

An extensive list of default logins and passwords for wireless routers. Help insure the wireless access points around you aren't vulnerable.

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Run Your Own Wireless Internet Service provider (WISP)

Setting up a wireless Internet Service provider (WISP) for your office or neighborhood doesn't have to be a taxing or expensive ordeal. If you build your network from easy-to-buy equipment and use Linux, you can use the power of shell scripts to make network management easy. This article gives you the tips and scripts you need.

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Video of record-breaking 125 mile WiFi

This was accomplished with a 12 foot dish on a mountain on the outside of Las Vegas and their remote station with a 10 foot dish on a mountain to the west of St. George Utah.

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Stealing Neighbors Broadband is a growing trend.

I wonder how many people are selling access to their neighbours? I suppose that will be the next "alarming" trend.

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Students Charged With Computer Trespassing

They're being called the Kutztown 13 a group of high schoolers charged with felonies for bypassing security with school-issued laptops. Just think of the heinous felons that get to roam free while the state wastes it's resources persecuting these kids for nothing.

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President Darl of SCO attacks Linux

Just saw this one /.'d; It's just such an annoying read.. it's like a scab you can't not pick at. His top 10 list of why SCO Unix is better than linux is just lame.

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Ciscogate follow-up

Jennifer Granick represents Michael Lynn of Ciscogate fame; her blog gives a great insider perspective on the whole story.

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Cam Detector wards off spycams

Not bad; think I'd use it in conjunction with the last one I linked at Tom's Hardware. A belt and suspenders approach to protecing yourself from "Them".

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Protect yourself from spying eyes

This is pretty cool! Use it to find the hidden cameras "they" are trying to use against you.

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Like Rails but not Ruby; know Python.

Django is pretty cool Web framework as well; but Python based instead of Ruby.

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Insecure Bluetooth Audio

This is pretty neat; it was slashdotted today here or go straight to the source here.

Router Flaw Is a Ticking Bomb

Wired does a great interview with Michael Lynn.

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Feds look to hire at Def con

Jim Christy, director of the U.S. Department of Defense's Cyber Crime Center goes to defcon to look for potential hires.
Although they will have to pass background check.

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Phrack 63 released!!!


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Disturbing video from defcon

Yeah, It's more of the Michael Lynn saga. I first saw it at digg linked to this article at Boing-Boing.


Handy file transfer servers

I saw this one at Amber Mac's blog. Pretty handy big list of big file transfer servers.

When firewalls fail

You need Kim Il Jongs bodyguards

PS: I first saw this at Digg with a muchosucko link that now seems dead.