Skype security/privacy concerns!

This is a good story from Security Focus / Scott Granneman about Skype privacy and encryption issues.

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Skype vs Vonage

Good comparison of both VOIP offerings.

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Marcus Ranum's "The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security"

This is Marcus Ranum's latest essay: "The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security."

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Talisker Computer Network Defense Operations page

Nicely done; Neat way to layout a bunch of comsec info.

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SOMEONE Hacked into an Airforce database.

A suspected hacker tapped into a military database containing Social Security numbers and other personal information for 33,000 Air Force officers and some enlisted personnel.

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Good Password Cracking Resource

Not bad; good site for solving password related issues.

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Hackers and Painters

Here's a snippet stolen from the Wired editors review "The chapter that answers the key question of our age-- why are nerds unpopular?-- is worth the price of admission alone"..
Has anyone read this? Is it any good?

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Free! Startup school for Hackers

October 15 2k5 in Cambridge, Mass. covers things like "...how to incorporate a company; patent and intellectual property law;" - Oh well, it's free.. and they claim "We'll have [sic] range of experts"

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All the Mad Cow pics you can digg!

Makes me want to take a Big Mac and stuff it inside a Whopper and eat it with a side of Wendys triple and those damn fine little White Castle burgers... mmmmmmmmmmMMM!

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