The Hacker Hall of Fame.. Starting with Richard Stallman

From TLC:Discovery.. This is a good list for once.

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The Greatest Hacks of All Time!

From Wired; Starting with the Captain Crunch Whistle... A wood drill for fire mighta been good too.. maybe they should have called it the greatest Hacks of the last quarter century or something.

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Setup your own Crytpo Authentication Server on a Mac!

Be your own certificate authority.

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Yahoo and Microsoft insist they didn't give private data to the government.

While google refused to comply at all; MS and Yahoo gave up the data but claim it couldn't be traced to anyone; so privacy wasn't an issue. Sounds like a bit of a rationalization.. but hey.

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Making delicious prison Hooch at home! Free, Easy Booze!

This is so cool; two recipes for classic prison homebrew.. hey if a guy in a cell, under 24hour guard can take the time to do this; what's your excuse?

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World Tracker - Turns anyone into a cellphone spy

Way cool find from endgadget.

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Yahoo Gave Search Data To Bush Administration Lawyers

Yahoo Inc. on Thursday acknowledged handing over search data requested in a subpoena from the Bush administration.

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Google will fight Bush Administration demand for search records

The US Government is taking legal action to gain access to Google's vast database of internet searches in an historic clash over privacy.
The Bush Administration has asked a federal judge to order the world's most popular internet search engine to hand over the records of all Google searches.

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Hackers DOS the Million Dollar Hompage after a failed extortion bid.

so-called hackers have DOS'd the million dollar homepage after trying to extort $50,000 from the guy.

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Old people smell can make you happy!

This is weird; smelling old ladies armpits can be as effective as prozac!

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Fingerprinting Students

The system is supposed to help prevent the loss of a child, whether through kidnapping or accident. Anyway, Schneier does a good bit on it.

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snortfocus helps you to analyse your snort alerts.

helps unclutter the alerts database and define specific focuses for individual users.

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Is iTunes spying on you ?

Apple arousing suspicion for tracking your listening habits via iTunes. I think this was posted from other articles.. but not this one.

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Advanced CSS Layouts: Step by step

Nice walkthrough/tutorial on making a good CSS page.

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Head of UN in Haiti dies of self-inflicted-firearms-accident-to-the-head

This is just bizarre.. even the url says UN-suicide.. but the article sticks to the official version and refers to it as a firearms accident. It was Haiti; maybe he was being controlled with a doll fashioned in his likeness and containing a clipping of his hair.

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There are 6670903752021072936960 Sudoku grids

Here be some cool code and links related to Sudoku

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Best Cisco password cracker!

This is the nicest version of the cisco password cracker around; done in java so you don't have to install any warez. Also includes a nice little ACL inverse mask checker.

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MPAA pushing bill to increase jail time for recording movies by a year!

Give them and inch and they take a mile.

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Did you know Sudoku is a registered trademark of the Nikoli Corp.

From the history of Sudoku page; owned by Nikoli

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The occult math behind subnetting IP Networks

Good explanation/howto on IP Subnetting; especially handy if you have to do them in your head or on paper.

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Free Sudoku solving software!

Help you sort through the stack of Sudoku books your friamly dumped on you over the holidays.

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